Winner of The Formidable Woman Award, 2018:

The I-M, we wanted to recognise the success and worth of women in Britain, with the  1st edition of the I-M Formidable Women Awards, which took place in London on October 9th.

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Nomenee for Mujeres Que Dejan Huella Award. March, 2018:

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ROLEX Award for Enterprise, 2016:

Patagonia In Depth. Discovering new species in the unknown depth of Chilean fjords to understand their ecosystems and support their sustainable use and conservation.

Empowering exceptional individuals. The Rolex Awards for Enterprise support inspiring individuals who carry out innovative projects that advance human knowledge or well-being.

Research Project


Creating a Network of Marine Protected Areas for Chilean Patagonia (PEW)

“A rapid assessment project for mid-scale biogeographic pattern analysis for the development of a MPA network plan in the Chilean Patagonian Fjord Region and action for its implementation”

Research Project

PEW 1 minute video.

Award for Excellence in Science,

Catholic University of Valparaiso (2014)

International Hintelmann Award

for Outstanding Taxonomic Research (2005)

Award VI Premios Europeos de Medio Ambiente a la Empresa (2005):

This award was given to Endesa for outstanding achievements of the Huinay Scientific Field Station under the directorship of Dr. V. Häussermann; Spain (2004)

Ecosystem Research in Chilean Patagonia


Scientific Office: +56 652912147


Casilla # 1150, Puerto Montt, Chile.


Huinay (HSFS)

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