The planetary triple crisis

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Expedición HF43, Patagonia Central/Katalalixar, Agosto de 2019.

El mes de agosto del 2019 se llevó a cabo la expedición número 43 del centro de investigación Huinay, a bordo del motovelero Saoirse en la Patagonia Central. Biólogos Marinos y buzos con la ayuda de un ROV pudieron filmar y explorar las profundidades de los fiordos y canales aledaños al Canal Messier, con el objetivo de obtener nuevos registros, conocer el estado actual y ver diferencias en la diversidad bentónica en profundidades sobre los 100 mt.

Tomas Heran and Fernando Cornejo visit us to investigate the “Coral Copita de Huinay

On the 24th of July of this year Thomas Heran and Fernando Cornejo arrived at the scientific field station of San Ignacio del Huinay with the important mission of realizing scientific dives to investigate the reproductive period and life story of the cold-water “cup coral of Huinay” (Caryophyllia huinayensis).

Nos visitan Thomas Heran y Fernando Cornejo para investigar el “Coral copita de Huinay”

El pasado 24 de julio del presente año llegaron a la estación científica, San Ignacio de Huinay, Thomas Heran y Fernando Cornejo, con la importante misión de realizar Buceos Científicos para la investigar la estacionalidad reproductiva e historia de vida del coral de agua fría “ (Caryophyllia huinayensis).

Pitipalena Fjord is a Paradise of Unexplored Gems and Treasures

Pitipalena Fjord is a Paradise of Unexplored Gems and Treasures

Fig. 1: View from the jetty at Añihue Marine Reserve. Photo credit: Francisco Izquierdo. In February, divers and scientists from Huinay Scientific Field Station successfully transected an underwater area longer than 1.5km, they discovered a remarkable coral bank on...

The glaciologists from Bristol

The glaciologists from Bristol

In February 2018 we had the pleasure to welcome back Professor Jemma Wadham and Dr Jonathan Hawkings, this time they were accompanied by their master’s student Anna Covey. They are all part of the terrestrial team of the PISCES project (Patagonian Ice field Shrinkage...

World of the Myofauna

The research station of Fundación Huinay in the Comau fjord (Lakes Region) delves deep into the unknowns of marine life in Patagonia. While scientists at the station continue to see and categorize potential new species, visiting scientists Dr. Andreas Rhaesa...

CORFO: Madre de Dios Archipelago – July 2016

A beautiful video that was filmed during the expedition by Geográfica Producciones. A glance at the diving expedition carried out at the Madre de Dios Archipelago in July 2016 for the CORFO INNOVA - CEQUA - SERNATUR Aysén / Magallanes Project about developing...

A Family of Explorers

Overall the expedition is a huge success, both for the oceanographic team and for the divers! We return to Punta Arenas with big smiles and incredible memories.

Swimming Amongst the ´Bergs

Swimming Amongst the ´Bergs

We are lucky enough to be able to approach two glacier on the expedition, Amalia Glacier and Rengo Glacier and we can’t resist putting our drysuits on the go for a dip in the icy water.

A Job Well Done

We celebrate being done with our work in Canal Copihue and enjoy the sights. We were happy to step foot on land to assist with some freshwater collections.

Diving in Canal Copihue

Diving in Canal Copihue

After finishing the work we were set out to do we can take a closer look around and are still amazed by the beauty of Canal Copihue.